The main festival of the temple is during the "mandala masa" (December). There will be a 12 day festival which ends with "arattu" on the 41th day of the "mandala masa" normally comes around December 26th. During this colourful festival days most of the family members from  different parts of the world manage to come for the darshan of the Mathoor Bhagavathi . Different cultural programmes including kathakali and velakali are performed  during these days. "Bhagavatha Sapthaham" is also conducted these festival days. The purpose of the sapthaham is to sanctify the surroundings, to attain salvation and inculcate the moral value preached to glorify the diety of the sanctum sanctorum. This also helps to attune the mental and physical abilities of the co-habitants of the place for peaceful co-existence.

Temple Festival

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